Large-Group Yoga Games Mini-Course

Are you looking for fun and engaging ways to incorporate yoga with your children, students, patients, or campers but you’ve been stymied about what to do?

Have you combed the internet for yoga games, only to find generic suggestions that don’t speak to large groups or address the special needs, interests, and uniqueness of your children and community?

If you have struggled to find games that:

  • Are suitable to your communities’ needs, culture, interests and uniqueness…
  • Take into account your unique role as classroom teacher, yoga teacher, school leader, after-school care provider, or pediatric therapist…
  • Fit your time perimeters, whether it’s 20 minutes in an aftercare setting, 5 minutes during classroom transition times, or a 30-minute PE class…
  • Considers unique space requirements such as a library, gymnasium, rec center, office, classroom, or outdoors…
  • Encourage active and lively interactions as well as focused or calming games…

If you have, then this 45-minute mini-course will give you everything you need to ensure your success when bringing yoga games to a larger group of children!

We’re not giving you the fish. We want you to learn to fish and create the PERFECT game(s) for your unique situation.

This 45-minute course will guide you through the process of creating your very own customized plan for incorporating yoga games into your students and children’s lives.

Adapting common children’s games to make them yoga friendly is a great way to get children moving, learning, and working together while enjoying the benefits of yoga in a fun, light-hearted, and interdisciplinary way. 

In this 45-minute mini-course, you will follow a step-by-step process to design a customized yoga game for your large group of students.

You will instantly have access to:

  • 3 Video Lessons
  • a handy-dandy workbook to keep you on track
  • Pre-recorded Q&A session
  • additional resources and suggestions

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About Our Mini-Courses

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"This condensed course gives me everything I need to know to get started. It has a lot of practical information that can be overlooked in the process of focusing on building the activities rather than the infrastructure of the overall business."

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to Create Large-Group Yoga Games Mini-Course

    • Welcome to How to Create Large-Group Yoga Games Mini-Course

    • DOWNLOAD: Large-Group Yoga Games Mini-Course Workbook

    • [VIDEO] Introduction

    • [VIDEO] Lesson One: Explore

    • [VIDEO] Lesson Two: Clarity

    • [VIDEO] Lesson Three: Create

    • [VIDEO] Course Review

    • Q&A Bonus - Part 1

    • Q&A Bonus - Part 2

    • Additional Resources

    • What's Next?



Giselle Shardlow

I'm Giselle, Founder of Kids Yoga Stories... and I totally get it! I know what it’s like to be a primary school teacher in chaotic classrooms with limited time and loads of curriculum to teach. I also have a daughter who has additional needs. In order to help children everywhere, including my daughter, manage the ups and downs of life, I’ve spent the last twelve years creating resources, workbooks, books, and guides for teachers, parents, and anyone wanting to bring yoga and mindfulness to children.  And, I’m thrilled to finally bring you my biggest, most comprehensive offering yet and help you design your very own tailor-made school yoga program. I can’t wait to meet you and work together toward a common goal—helping children be active and healthy and to get the most out of life!

Kind Words

Kind words from the community

"I loved it and so did my staff! I sent out the challenge videos daily and had really good feedback. Some teachers said they actually slept better at night. Some of my teachers said their students enjoyed doing it too. I loved how you started it by having me monitor my own breathing before I did the challenge. I noted that I breathe shallow and stop breathing several times a day. (I thought it was an error in my Apple Watch but I do need to breathe.)Thank you for bringing this activity to my attention and my staff and students!" - Sharon S

"Thank you for your personal stories (experiences), which I have sat with. The amazing part of working in education is sitting with educators(parents/students...) in the  reminder of supporting "being Present/Check-In/Self-Awareness in the physical body: to uphold that skill is the Gift. That is the gift to my job." - Jennifer R.

“Love this! I am an elementary PE teacher and use mindful breathing in place of discipline and to get the attention of my noisy classroom." - Tammie F.

“Thank you so much Giselle. I love your energy. " - Roj Z.

“Thanks Giselle. Mindful breathing is a wonderful way to connect with my true essence. I have mini mountains of piles in my office that I must release and find new homes for- the recycling pile, art supplies to donate, books etc.  I realized that as the breath leaves me I feel more brave to dive into this project - one breath at a time. Thanks for reminding me." - Marla F.

"Now I have to bring it into my daily life more often, maybe I will try every hour and see how it goes. I have also done this breathing with 6 in and hold 6 and then out 6. Thanks again!!! - Laurie O.

"I usually do 4 counts so this was a little bit of a mental change issue for me, but it felts good." - Katie M.

"Thank you Giselle, new for me to do a 6 count as I usually do a 4 count. It is great!" - Gill G.

"I love it, and I needed the reminder to bring back deep breathing into my day. I usually breathe out longer than breathing in but this felt great today. Thank you!" - Nina K.

"Hey l love your yoga stories!! You guys are mind-blowing!!! I use for my children...keep posting!!! Thank u so much!! " - PFA Club "Thank you for sharing I will be heading out to buy this book 🙏🧡 " - Kelly B.

"Thank you , this is exactly what I need!! I am a shallow breather and also hold my breathe often. I look forward to following your videos." - Laurie O. "Loved the breathe better challenge. I really need to remember to breathe these days." - Sharon P.

"Thank you for the information! Enjoyed the format for this information. I enjoy receiving all the information in your emails, however for this type of information I believe it was probably more effective as a video series. Keep up the great work! I have incorporated more yoga into my personal and professional life this year than ever before." - Jill S.

"I really loved the mini series, thank you for sharing it.: - Gillian G.